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 Minecraft --- Exploring + Gathering

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Minecraft --- Exploring + Gathering Empty
PostSubject: Minecraft --- Exploring + Gathering   Minecraft --- Exploring + Gathering Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 12:43 pm

Exploring + Gathering

Exploring in Minecraft is easy. You walk around with the W A S D keys. But
there are some things you need to know to survive.

One is that lava will kill you. Yep, just like real lava. You can't swim in
lava. You can only flail about until death, or if you're near the shore you
can try to jump for it. Lava is needed for making obsidian, which I will
discuss sometime in the future, as it's an interesting block. You can make a
sea of lava around your house, but remember to make a path over it.

Another thing you need to know is how to swim in water. Gravity affects you
in water. If you go into the water, it's just like walking on land, with the
exception that you'd be drowning the whole time if you did this. To swim in
water, you need to hold down the spacebar to stay afloat. If you go under the
water, you'll notice bubbles in a row above your health hearts. These will pop
over time, and when the last one pops, you drown. So be careful.

Jumping from high up damages you. You'll see this in more detail in the
Minecraft Basics section.

You must jump to go up to blocks above you. You always jump one block high.

Gathering is essentially mining. You use a tool to gather blocks. Simple
enough. I'll put more in here later.

Now for Sneaking. I'm putting in an article that a reader named Narfnin wrote
for me, and he gets full credit and my gratitude.



By holding shift, you can "sneak," which makes your screen go a bit lower and
makes you slower. However, you can also sneak up on mobs to attack them. But
the best part of sneaking, by far, is being able to walk over the edge of a
block. As long as you hold shift, you will stay crouched and can easily make
bridges and tall walls without fear of falling to death.


I should mention that you Sneak by holding the Left Shift key while walking.
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Minecraft --- Exploring + Gathering
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