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 Minecraft --- Building

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Minecraft --- Building Empty
PostSubject: Minecraft --- Building   Minecraft --- Building Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 12:44 pm


Building is not the same as crafting. Some people will use the two terms
interchangably. I won't, for the purposes of this guide.

What I define as building is the creation of structures. Like a house. A house
is very essential in minecraft. It protects you from creepers and the like.

You can make a house out of wood, which is probably what you'll do first.
A wood house is suceptable to fire (from burning mobs, NOT TORCHES). You'll
need what a real house needs: walls, lighting, a door, and a roof.

Walls and the roof are pretty easy. You just scroll to the material you want,
and right-click the blocks in place. Note that it's helpful to have a way onto
the roof to assist in building.

A door must be crafted

You place a door by pointing at the ground on the square that you want the
door to sit on. A door is opened by facing it and left-clicking. Pretty simple

You can also make iron doors. You just have to sub in iron bars/ingots for
wood in the above recipe.
An iron door is slightly different. It cannot be opened by clicking, you have
to make a wall switch or "button" to open it.

Note that the stone above is NOT cobblestone, it's regular stone. You have to
smelt cobblestone in a forge to get regular stone.

These are placed on the wall near the door by right-clicking on a block.
You then left-click on them and run like hell through the door, because a
button's effect only lasts for one second. So you have to run for the door
pretty quickly.

Lighting is just using torches. They won't burn wood, so you're safe on that.

You can build anything you want using those methods. I have a friend who made
all the Megaman game characters in the free online version. They're pretty
awesome looking I must say. He also made a castle in the beta, with a lava
fountain. Yeah, a lava fountain. I have no idea how to make one of those, but
it looks epic.

You can use lightstone to light your way underwater. It and Jack-o-lanterns
are the only light sources that work underwater. Torches get destroyed by
water. Lightstone is obtained from the Nether as "lightstone dust". You need
9 of these dust piles to make ONE block. The recipe is then pretty self-
explanatory: one lightstone dust in each of the nine squares. Since it usually
is found hanging from the ceiling in the Nether over lava seas, it's very
dangerous to go for.

Jack-o-lanterns, on the other hand, are safe to make. You need a pumpkin,
which itself looks like a jack-o-lantern besides the fact that is gives off
no light. These can be found in random places around the map, and usually in
bunches. You then use a torch to make one.
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Minecraft --- Building
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