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 Minecraft -- Mobs

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PostSubject: Minecraft -- Mobs   Minecraft -- Mobs Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 12:48 pm


Mobs are the living creatures roaming around your minecraft world. They can
be used for many materials. There are good mobs, and bad mobs.

Note, and I'm not sure if this is true because it's just my observation: good
mobs seem to spawn more in torchlight combined with daylight. It makes sense,
as this is the opposite method from bad mobs (spawn more in more darkness).

Good mobs are your everyday, run-of-the-mill animals that run around.
The list:


Pigs are used to acquire pork chops. You cook these to restore health. One
cooked pork chop restores 4 hearts of health.


Cows used for leather to make low-grade armor, and for milk to make cake. To
get the leather from a cow, you have to kill it. Then craft it into armour
(recipes are in the appropriate section). To get milk, you need to be holding
a bucket. Then you right click on the cow's blocky pink udder to get a bucket
of milk (best to do this from behind and below).


Chickens are used for feathers, to make arrows, and to get eggs. Eggs are used
in the cake recipe, and if you throw them by holding them and right-clicking,
there is a 25% chance that a chicken will spawn on impact.


Sheep are used for wool, to make coloured wool blocks with dyes. And that's
pretty much it.


Squids were implemented in the v1.2 update. Live in water with a minimum depth
of two blocks. Kill for ink sacks, which give you black dye to dye wool with.

These mobs won't harm you, unless they accidentally (or purposely?) push you
off a cliff.

Bad mobs are the ones that spawn at night in every difficulty besides
peaceful. They're only objective and desire is to harm you as much as
The list:


Kill for gunpowder, used to make dynamite. If they start hissing,
run like hell because they'll blow up. If a skeleton hits a creeper with an
arrow and kills it (MUST be the death blow), then it will drop a record to be
used with the record player, 100% of the time.


Spiders are to be killed for string, used to make bows. In the v1.2 update,
they can climb walls.
They can also serve as "horses" for Spider Jockeys (see below). They jump at
you to attack, and they're quick. They have a 3 block jump radius.

Also, I've been informed that spiders can climb ANY wall. I had been told that
they couldn't climb sand. So you have to be more careful now.


Zombies are just as annoying as hell, and have no use except for target


Skeletons shoot arrows at you to attack They're hard as hell to kill without
being shot yourself. It's recommended you use your own arrows to kill them.
If they kill a Creeper with an arrow, the Creeper will drop a Record for the
Music Box/Jukebox 100% of the time.

Spider Jockeys

These are skeletons on spiders. They must be killed separately. I'm now
sure that a spider can jump as high or climb walls in this way. If you kill
the spider first, then it's just a skeleton, and vice versa. The skeleton will
shoot arrows while jockeying a spider, and the spider will jump at you. Yeah,
it sucks when you have to fight them... but it's also kind of fun.

Nether mobs are all bad, and they're only in the Nether. I'll explain what
this is in a later section.
The list:

Zombie Pigmen (don't hurt you unless you threaten them i.e. attack them)
Ghasts (ghosts that shoot fireballs, enough said... except that they are very
massive for a mob, occupying a 4 block by 4 block by 4 block space. They have
a lot of hit points because of this, but have more surface area to aim at, so
it's kind of a balanced out situation). Ghasts cannot be killed by arrows,
they will just go through them without any damaging effect to the Ghast. Also,
you cannot jump on a Ghast and ride it, you will fall through it. Knowing the
odds, it's fairly likely that falling through a Ghast would land you in a sea
of lava. So don't do it.


Slimes are semi-transparent greenish cubes that come in four sizes: small
(half a heart of health), normal (two hearts of health), big (eight hearts
of health), and huge (sixteen hearts of health). Needless to say, the huge
slime should be avoided if possible. Slimes are the only hostile mobs that can
spawn during the day and in torchlight. Small slimes make a noise that sounds
like when your player walks on stone, and normal, big, and huge slimes make a
wet squishing noise. Killing a slime that is any size but small will break it
into four smaller slimes. The small slimes can't attack you, they just push
you around a bit with no damage. Big slimes do 2 hearts of damage, normal ones
do one heart of damage, and I don't know what huge ones do.
Slimes are quite rare, but their spawn rate increased in the Beta v1.3 update.
They can drown in water and are unable to jump out. They will die in lava (so
will most things) and they can climb ladders, despite having no apparent limbs
to do such a thing. This enables them to follow players out of caves and mines
to the surface, where light won't harm them.
They only spawn in the bottom 16 layers of the map, so it's unlikely that
you'll encounter one unless you have a really deep mine.
Killing a small slime (only a small one) yields 0 to 2 slime balls, which for
now have absolutely no purpose.

All mobs can be killed with weapons, like a sword or bow and arrow. Bow and
arrow is recommended as you can be a safe distance away, but they do less
damage. Either way to combat stuff is fine, just pick your preference.
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Minecraft -- Mobs
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