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 Minecraft --- Items

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Minecraft --- Items Empty
PostSubject: Minecraft --- Items   Minecraft --- Items Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 12:52 pm


This section is in it's ultra-preliminary phase. It'll consist of recipes to
create usable items, but the list is severely limited right now. Just weapons,
armour, and some other miscellaneous things.

*Combat Section*
This is a list of recipes to fight and survive against the mobs in game.
You can replace the iron in these recipes with diamond, wood, or stone.
In the case of armour, you can replace it with leather, but not stone.
You get leather from attacking cows in-game. Don't do gold, ever. It has a low
hit-point value, however it mines stuff faster than Diamond, so it's a
trade-off to consider.
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Minecraft --- Items
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