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 The Nether

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PostSubject: The Nether   The Nether Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 12:51 pm

The Nether

The Nether was included in a recent-ish update of Minecraft Alpha, and it's
returned in the beta. Which is awesome. Seriously, the Nether is probably the
coolest looking place you'll find in Minecraft. But how does one get to the
Nether? Well it requires extreme luck and patience, or some ingenuity. Here's
how it's done: you need to make a "portal" to the Nether out of Obsidian. Now,
obsidian is a humongous pain to mine. Excessively rare in the field, you'd be
lucky to find a deposit. It can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe, and it
takes 15 seconds of holding down a mouse button PER BLOCK. Every other kind of
pickaxe (stone, iron, etc.) take FIFTY seconds, and only give you cobblestone.

You can also pour a bucket of water on a lava pool to turn it ALL into
obsidian, but keep in mind that it'll only be the top layer, and many times a
lava pool is a few blocks deep. And if you are too far away, the block will
fall into the lava, never to be seen again. If you stand near the block
though, this shouldn't be a problem. Hold down the left Shift key to prevent
falling in yourself.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, is this really worth it? Well, I have a
solution to bypass all of the searching and mining. See, you can CREATE
obsidian! All you need is a bucket.
NOTE: I know "iron" and "bar" are separate words, but to save space I
combined them.

Now, you need to find some lava. Yes, the stuff I said to stay away from at
all costs. It is usually found deeper underground, but occasionally you may
come across random pools on the ground outside. You walk CAREFULLY up to the
edge of the lava, and right-click on a spot. Voila, you now have a harmless
bucket of lava! Somehow it doesn't melt through the thin layer of ordinary
iron containing it...

Now, you need to dig a trough 4 squares long by 1 square wide, 1 square deep.
You now pour the lava into the trough, and it'll spread along it. You then get
some water in the same manner as lava, and pour it onto the SOURCE of the
lava. What I mean by this is the square where you poured the lava in, from
where the lava spread. BAM, you get obsidian. Purplish-black obsidian.
Now, here's the tricky part: you'll need to pile up dirt forming a hollow
column OVER THE ENDS of the obsidian strip, three squares high.

Now you'll need to make a lava run, and pour the lava into the bottom of the
column. Pour water on it. Do the same, IN THE SAME ORDER, for the next two
squares up the column. Repeat this whole column process on the other end of
the obsidian strip.

Now the extra tricky part: you'll need to make a trough at the top with closed
ends. To do this, start by putting dirt blocks next to the two top obsidian
blocks on the inside of both columns. You should only need two. Now, put some
dirt on the front and back of the tops of the columns, and connect the front
two and the back two with more dirt. The two strips you just did should be 4
dirt blocks wide. Put a dirt block on the top of each column. Lastly, make a 4
dirt block wide strip on top of each of the 4-wide strips you just made. At
this point, your trough will be finished. It should have two empty block
spaces on the inside to put lava and water in. Now, get lava, pour it it, pour
water on the source, and your finally done the construction of your portal!
Remove all of the dirt around the obsidian. The end result should be an
obsidian frame with an open area in the middle 3 squares high by 2 squares

The finishing step: you'll need a flint and steel. You can get flint from
mining gravel, and the steel is just iron.
Now you click on a section of obsidian (on the bottom is likely easiest to
access) on the inside rectangle of open space, and a purple haze fills the
previously empty rectangle. This is how you get in and out. You step into the
purple, and stand there. The view will go all wavy, and a screen will pop up
saying "Entering the Nether".

Now that you're in the Nether, time to explore. The orange blocks are called
Netherrack. When lit with the flint and steel, they burn forever, unless water
is dumped on them. You can mine this and use it in the overworld too.

Explore a bit, but remember where your portal is. Cause if you lose your way,
you need to make another portal inside the Nether to get out. Your entrance
portal will always be there, rest assured.

Don't dig down too much. The bedrock here is replaced by a sea of lava. It's
every bit as lethal as lava aboveground.

Ghasts are a mob down here. I'll go into more detail in a later update. They
shoot fireballs. If the fireball hits your portal, it closes. You'll need to
re-ignite it with flint and steel if this happens.

There are plenty of things to do in the Nether, which will be explained in a
later update as well. For now just explore, and remember where your portal is!
Get some Netherrack and light it aboveground. Provides permanent lighting if
it isn't doused. It'll light you on fire if you step on it while it's lit, so
be cautious around lit Netherrack.

Some things to remember about the Nether:

Water apparently won't work for making Obsidian in the Nether. So have a
stockpile in your inventory to make a portal out, or remember where your
entrance portal is.

Zombie Pigmen WILL NOT harm you unless you attack first. However, Ghasts are
quite hostile no matter what.

Lightstone falls in powder clumps. It takes nine lightstone dust clumps to
make one solid block of lightstone. It is also rendered as stalactites,
usually over lava. So be careful.

Soul sand will slow down mobs too, but obviously not Ghasts as they just float
over it.

A Ghast's fireball hitting the purple stuff in your portal will remove the
purple haze, rendering the portal useless until it is re-lit. You can use a
flint and steel for this, or you can try to get a Ghast to hit the inside part
of the obsidian with another fireball to relight it.

Time does not pass in the Nether. For this reason, the watch won't show a day
to night progression. A compass will also not work in the Nether.

One step in the Nether equals 10 steps in the overworld.

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PostSubject: Re: The Nether   The Nether Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 3:48 pm

Haha i wont read that its too much D:
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PostSubject: Re: The Nether   The Nether Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 9:01 pm

same haha, but for all of them :\
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PostSubject: Re: The Nether   The Nether Icon_minitime

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The Nether
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