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 Surviving the First Night

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Surviving the First Night Empty
PostSubject: Surviving the First Night   Surviving the First Night Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 12:49 pm

Surviving the First Night

Well, here we are. The part you all have been waiting for. The actual
walkthrough in this walkthrough: how to survive the first night.

You start off spawned somewhere random. I find that it's near the coast an
awful lot. Anyways, the first priority is a workbench. Without one, you're
screwed for defending yourself.

Find yourself a tree, and bang away with your hand at the trunk. Take out the
whole trunk of the tree. You'll probably end up with 3-6 trunk pieces. This
is enough for now. Open your inventory (press 'I'). Place the trunk pieces on
one of the crafting squares. You'll get wood planks. Now, take these and
right-click ONCE in each square of your crafting squares. Take the workbench
that appears.

Now, DO NOT PLACE THE WORKBENCH ANYWHERE YET! Find yourself a cliff. They're
everywhere. Use your hand to dig into the dirt parts (they're easier to get
through) and make a room 1 square deep and three wide. I'll outline this

| |
| |
| |
|___________| |______________ |

Make the room three squares high, but make sure you don't dig up and out into
the open. Now, place the workbench in one of the ends on the floor.
Right-click on the workbench, and use the remaining wood to craft a couple of
pickaxes. Now exit your cave, and REMEMBER WHERE IT IS. Now you need coal.

Go find a cavern with a bunch of stone. A lot of the time, coal is just
sitting there in the open. Mine as much as you can, and then stop. Don't dig
through the rock for any more, it'll just waste time. Find some more trees,
get some more trunks, make some more wood, and make sticks. You really only
need 2, but it never hurts to have extra. Craft some torches (recipe is in an
above section), and run back to your cave. By now, night is probably almost
here. Get into you cave, and block off the entrance with the exception of one
block (so you can see when it's daytime. Make the cave wider if you can, away
from the workbench. This is so the skeletons can't get a firing angle on you.
I'd say dig 3 more blocks wide (three high still). Now, line your cave with
the torches. Mobs only spawn in dark spots, so the torchlight will block them
from spawning in your cave.

Don't forget that you can make charcoal if you're in a bind for coal and you
can't find any.

Remember that flames isn't a block, it's what happens in a forge.

Now, if you have time (ONLY if you have time) put torches around the entrance
to your cave on the outside, to prevent mobs from spawning close by. Hide in
the widened out part of the cave, not too far as to not see any outside, and
wait. Night lasts about 7 minutes. You'll be fine though, don't worry.

When morning comes, you can redo what I said above. Make the cave bigger, and
craft a door. Mobs can't open doors, but keep in mind that skeletons can still
shoot you through the window parts. Then you line the cave with more torches.
Or, make some weapons, and go out and try to survive outside. It's a lot of
fun, trust me. You can only make a sword for now though.

If you have cobblestone, you can replace the wood here with it. It's more
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Surviving the First Night
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