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 Minecraft --- Dyeing Wool

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Minecraft --- Dyeing Wool Empty
PostSubject: Minecraft --- Dyeing Wool   Minecraft --- Dyeing Wool Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 12:42 pm

Dyeing Wool

I decided that this section needed to be on it's own. This was a huge and very
much wanted addition to Minecraft Beta. The online Classic version had all the
wool colours, and people really enjoyed using them.

To get dyes, you need to collect them (obviously). There are a variety of
sources, and a variety of colours. Here is a list of colours you can find from
different places:

Black - killing a Squid and getting it's ink sack (new mob in v1.2)
White - killing a Skeleton, collecting the bone(s) it drops, and making
Bonemeal (one bone in one crafting square)
Blue - Lapis Lazuli ore (new mineable stuff in v1.2, VERY, VERY RARE)
Red - red flowers
Yellow - yellow flowers
Green - cactuses (BE CAREFUL collecting cactuses. They hurt to touch.) You
have to smelt cacti you collect in order to obtain dye from them.

Also there are certain dyes that can only be obtained by combining colours:

Orange - red and yellow dyes
Lime - bonemeal and cactus dyes
Light blue - bonemeal and lapis lazuli
Cyan - lapis lazuli and cactus dyes
Pink - red dye and bonemeal
Purple - lapis lazuli and red dye
Magenta - pink and purple dyes
Gray - ONE bonemeal and ONE ink sack
Light Gray - TWO bonemeals and ONE ink sack (arranged in a row)

Then you just combine one dye colour with one wool block from a sheep to get
one coloured block. Apparently, you can dye a sheep and harvest the coloured
wool from them. This is a better method, since one dye can produce up to three
coloured wool blocks. I haven't tested this method myself, so if it works,
email me and I'll put it in as confirmed.
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Minecraft --- Dyeing Wool
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