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 Mod - [V1.3_01] Mo' Creatures - v2.8.1 with Dolphins

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Mod - [V1.3_01] Mo' Creatures - v2.8.1 with Dolphins Empty
PostSubject: Mod - [V1.3_01] Mo' Creatures - v2.8.1 with Dolphins   Mod - [V1.3_01] Mo' Creatures - v2.8.1 with Dolphins Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 4:45 am

[V1.3_01] Mo' Creatures - v2.8.1 with Dolphins

This Mod adds more creatures to the game.

[img]Mod - [V1.3_01] Mo' Creatures - v2.8.1 with Dolphins IYxei[/img]

Check this new video of the dolphins and Sharks :

Check this video of the Werewolves! :

or this Yogscast episode, featuring Mo'Creatures :

DOWNLOAD THE MOD : http://www.mediafire.com/?otci5d3thvmk99a

How to Install Mo'Creatures Mod:
Download http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=97332&hilit=GUI+Api and http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=80246

You need to install the four files either manually or by using http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=141904: run the TFC's Mod Manager and drag and drop the .zip files into the TFC ModManager, click on the 'finish modding button' and you're done

How to install the mod manually:
1. Make a backup of your minecraft.jar file
2. Open your minecraft.jar file using winrar or similar
3. copy all the files and folders from "\minecraft\" to the root of the minecraft.jar file
4. Delete the META-INF folder of minecraft.jar
5. Close and save your minecraft.jar
6. locate the .minecraft\resources\ (where you have installed minecraft)
7. look inside the "\resources\", copy all its contents to the folder .minecraft\resources\ (make sure you are not adding this to the minecraft.jar file).
8. Play

Watch this video from AnderZEL on how to install the mod :

How to install this mod on a Mac (thanks to IIAztecII) :

and this video shows how to fix ALL the blackscreen issues for some Macs (thanks to Jibber) :

Currently the Mod adds the following creatures:
(Image Pending)

There are six different kind of dolphins (from common to rare): blue, green, purple, dark, pink and albino. The last two kinds are seen only rarely in the wild.

Taming dolphins:
You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish. the rarer the dolphin, the more raw fish it requires to be tamed. A blue dolphin requires 2 raw fish and an albino dolphin requires 12 raw fish. You can also tame dolphins by riding/breaking them. Rarer dolphins are noticeable faster than common ones.

Breeding dolphins:
Tamed adult dolphins can breed by feeding them cooked fish and keeping them apart from other creatures in a similar fashion than the horse breeding. Young dolphin can not breed or be tamed/ridden.
Two dolphins of the same color will always have offspring of such color. Dolphins have a 'genetic value' from 1-6. (blue = 1 and albino = 6) if you mix and match dolphins you have 1/3 chance of obtaining a purple or dark dolphin if the genetic value addition of the parents is 3 or 4, and you have a 1/10 chance of obtaining a pink or albino dolphin if the genetic value addition equals 5 or 6. i.e. A pink dolphin(5) can be obtained in 1/10 of cases by combining a blue(1) plus a dark(4) dolphin or a green (2) plus a purple (3) dolphin.


The sharks will attack anything that falls in the water, except squids or other sharks. Sharks have different sizes, if you kill a big shark in easy difficulty or higher, you have a 10% chance of getting a shark egg. Right clicking on the shark eggs throws them. If the egg falls in water it will incubate and a tamed shark will hatch. Tamed sharks won't despawn and once they're big enough, will attack any other creature except sharks or the player.
The shark model was inspired by charle88's thread. He also shared his textures.


The first metamorphic and multi-stance mob for Minecraft! Don't be fooled by his appearance and sweet talk, they are ominous! He drops wood sticks or wood tools. At night it will transform into what you can see below.

You can see it in daylight, but it will transform back into human form in no time. The only way to kill this beast is by using gold items (Think of it as the Minecraft silver). You have been warned, don't face one if you don't have a gold sword. It drops gold apples, stone or steel tools.


Spawns in the grass, during daytime. Depending on the game's difficulty it won't attack (peaceful difficulty), It will attack you if you get 4 blocks from it (easy difficulty), or will attack you at 6 blocks on normal difficulty.
It will hunt everything except Mobs


Spawns in the grass during daytime. It will attack you only if provoked in easy difficulty or higher. It will also attack you at night. It hunts everything but lions and other bears


Spawns during the night time, only outdoors. It will attack you at night, and won't attack unless provoked during the day. Hunts small prey, and of course sheep!

-Polar Bear

Spawns only on snow. A more aggressive version than the regular Bear, the Polar Bear will attack you on sight in easy difficulty or higher. Drops fish!


New flying mob. Spawns only on Normal difficulty or higher. Drops gunpowder

-Flame Wraith

spawns only in Hard difficulty. Will set you on fire for a short time. Drops redstone. You can see them from a distance because of flashing flames.


The first mob to destroy blocks! It destroys everything but obsidian. It drops obsidian ore

-Fire Ogre

Rarer than the regular ogre, only spawns on hard difficulty. This mob destroys blocks and ignites the floor on impact. It is fire resistant. It drops 'fire' so you can craft your chainmail.

-Cave Ogre

This one only spawns underground. It has the biggest area of damage. It drops diamonds.


Nothing original, I used material already available, credits go to dorino1 quack sounds plus painterly pack's duck texture.


They attack smaller prey and if you get close to them, they can also attack you. Be warned


Courtesy of KodaichiZero
Something cool happens if you ride a horse with a bunny hat!


Birds add atmosphere to the game. There are six different kinds, and they have different sounds: Dove, Crow, BlueGrossBeak, Cardinal, Canary and Parrot. You can tame them by feeding them seeds. Once tamed, they won't be afraid of you and won't despawn


They will attack only smaller creatures. Most of the work was done by Roundaround (he did the AI, sounds and texture). I worked on the 3D model


Horses are the first controllable mount in Minecraft. You will need to tame them before you can ride them. Once tamed, they won't despawn. There are eight different kind of Horses available. They are listed here from most common to the rarest.

-Brown Horse

Slightly faster than the regular horse.

-Black Horse

Faster than the others, also harder to tame.


This is a rare find! You have only 4% chance of finding a mythic Unicorn. The Unicorns are the fastest of the mounts.


The very rare Pegasus, is the first flying mount in Minecraft! Good luck finding/taming one! You only have a 1% chance of finding a Pegasus (when you find any given horse)

-Pack Horse

This horse can carry bags (a portable inventory). You can only get one by breeding other horses


This horse is fire resistant, and will set the ground on fire if you feed it redstone. You can only get one by breeding other horses

-Black Pegasus

The best horse you can get, it is fire resistant, has an inventory and is also a flying mount. You can only get one by breeding other horses

This is how you craft the Horse Saddle:

-Quick guide on how to tame horses:
The faster/rarer the horse, the harder to tame. This is what they require to be as docile as possible before you mount them. Even after making them happy, you will have to break/ride them until they accept you. To make them docile you will need to give:
- Light horses (1 bread or 4 wheat)
- Brown Horses (2 bread or 8 wheat)
- Black horses (3 bread or 12 wheat)
- Unicorns (4 bread or 16 wheat)
- Pegasus (5 bread or 20 wheat)
Or you can give them an apple, that will make them as docile as possible instantly. Feeding the horses apples, bread or wheat will restore their health as well.

Quick guide on how to breed horses:
Rules for breeding:
-The horses to breed should be kept close (no more than 4 blocks away)
-There should be no other horses around (8 blocks)
-You have to feed them both to start the process (suitable foods are mushroom soup or pumpkins)
-Both horses should be fertile (i.e. they accept pumpkins/soup)
-you can not be too close (4 blocks) or they won't breed
-it takes time (about 1/2 Minecraft day)
-the results of the breed depends on the genetic 'value' of the horses:
light horses = 1
brown horses = 2
dark horses = 3
unicorns = 4
pegasus = 5
packhorse = 6
nightmare = 7
black pegasus = 8

Depending on the sum of both parents' genetic value you have a CHANCE of getting a rare breed:
-sum equal 7 = chance of getting a packhorse
-sum equals 9 = chance of getting a nightmare
-sum equals 10 = chance of getting a pegasus
-sum equals 12 = chance of getting a black pegasus
-two packhorses won't give birth to a black pegasus
-if the sum is none of the above, you will get a random horse with genetic value 1-5

Quick Guide on How to use the Horses' Inventory:
-This works only for PackHorses and BlackPegasus
-The horse needs to be tamed, and you need to give it a chest (only once)
-To activate the inventory, you need to have a stone shovel in your hand (think of it as a key) and then right click on the horse

How to activate the Nightmare's special ability:
-it has to be tamed, you need to give it a redstone.
-after that, ride it... and be careful

DOWNLOAD : http://www.mediafire.com/?otci5d3thvmk99a
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Mod - [V1.3_01] Mo' Creatures - v2.8.1 with Dolphins
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