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 Texture Pack - [1.4] More Ores [v0.6_01] UPDATED TO 1.4

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Texture Pack - [1.4] More Ores [v0.6_01] UPDATED TO 1.4 Empty
PostSubject: Texture Pack - [1.4] More Ores [v0.6_01] UPDATED TO 1.4   Texture Pack - [1.4] More Ores [v0.6_01] UPDATED TO 1.4 Icon_minitimeMon Apr 04, 2011 9:02 pm

[1.4] More Ores [v0.6_01] UPDATED TO 1.4

This is by FAR the largest collection of new ores and items in a mod for Minecraft! Yes, you will see ores here that you've seen added in other mods, but I did not intentionally copy their ores, and in no way intend to take any fans away from those mods; my intention has been, is, and always will be to please YOU as best I can by modding as efficiently as possible, with the best "customer service."

all credit for the item sprites goes to VGFreak97 (except for the ones that are obvious recolors Razz)

~Lots of new gems!~

~5 new sets of armor!~
*Bronze* *Tin* *Copper* *Nano-Diamond* *Titanium*

~5 new sets of tools!~
~Tin~ ~Copper~ ~Bronze~ ~Nano-Diamond~ ~Emerald~
(plus with Volatile matter, you can potentially make any of the original materials)

crowns give you the armor of a diamond helm, plus (eventually) an ability specific to the gem on the crown!
currently working crowns:
~~Aquamarine (breathe underwater for a LONG time)~~
~~Nether-Emerald (immune to fire/lava)~~
recipe for crown bae
[GoldBar] [GoldBar] [GoldBar]
[GoldBar] [] [GoldBar]
[GoldBar] [GoldBar] [GoldBar]

recipe for jewled crown
[] [Diamond] []
[Diamond] [GoldBar] [Diamond]
[] [Diamond] []
gold is crown, diamond is jewel of your choice

a sword with a ruby on it will increase its strength!
(currently only the swords added in this mod have this capability, but the original swords will be added soon)

use uranium nuggets to craft an unstable uranium block, which then can be smelted into refined uranium, which is used for fuel that lasts longer than lava!


(click them to go to the page theyre on)

Download Texture Pack : http://adf.ly/14uOr
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Texture Pack - [1.4] More Ores [v0.6_01] UPDATED TO 1.4
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