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 Texture Pack - Gerudoku

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Texture Pack - Gerudoku Empty
PostSubject: Texture Pack - Gerudoku   Texture Pack - Gerudoku Icon_minitimeMon Apr 04, 2011 8:53 pm

The GERUDOKU pack is a remix of doku's RPG texture pack. It contains a lot of different textures that were casually stolen from everyone and then compiled into a total minecraft reskin. There's also some minor edits I made personally (mostly recoloring/editing existing textures and other junk that required zero skill). The pack includes terrain textures, items, mob skins, gui stuff, and everything you have ever dreamed of.

Used also by the yogscast.

Download link: http://mcxc.net/files/view.download/18/109

Everything is mutch more cooler then it was before, so check it out now!
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Texture Pack - Gerudoku
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